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Nomination for Family Law Awards

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I was delighted to find out this week that I have been nominated for the award of ‘Family Law Chartered Legal Executive’ awarded by the judges for the Family Law Awards 2019.


The Family Law Awards were created to appreciate and recognise the importance of the work we do as family lawyers,

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Domestic abuse – Family lawyers asking for independent inquiry

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Lawyers who work with domestic abuse cases have written to Justice Ministers to call for  an independent inquiry into the way domestic abuse is handled in the family courts. More than 30 leading experts have signed the letter,

Family Law

‘Interesting Times’ ahead in family law?


President of the Family Division, Sir Andrew McFarlane, addressed the Resolution Conference on 5 April and spoke about major changes that were likely to impact family law in the next year.

Along with Brexit, he addressed the increasing case load of the family courts and called for radical reform to working practices and processes.


No weight given’ to pre-nuptial agreement in divorce of cosmetics heiress

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A recent decision by Mr Justice Mostyn ignored a pre-nuptial agreement between the parties and gave a financial remedies award in favour of a husband despite a pre-existing pre-nuptial agreement. 

In the case of Ipecki -v- McConnell,


Arbitration – a sensible choice for dispute resolution

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A recent ruling has demonstrated that in family proceedings, arbitration awards or orders will now be recognised and enforced by the courts, cementing the useful role that arbitration can have.

Arbitration in family proceedings has been used for seven years in relation to financial matters.


Common law marriage – it doesn’t exist!

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Many people are under the mistaken impression that there is such a thing as ‘common law marriage’ – and that cohabiting couples enjoy similar legal status to married couples, according to recent research.

The British Social Attitudes Survey


Sharing financial assets after separation and divorce

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There are a number of big decisions that need to be made when you are separating from a partner or spouse; if you are married, you will need to work out what your financial assets after separation are, and make sure that they are equally and fairly divided.


Entitlement to post-separation earnings – C v C (2018)

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In C v C [2018] EWHC 3186 (Fam) Mrs Justice Roberts applied the principle which was confirmed by the Court of Appeal in the recent case of Waggott -v- Waggott. The case, which involved entitlement to post-separation income,

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Divorce reform should be pushed through – for the sake of the children

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A recent poll carried out by YouGov has highlighted the fact that people are keen for divorce reforms to be implemented, to reduce the impact that divorce under the current rules can have on many people, especially children.



Draft Domestic Abuse Bill Published

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The Government has published the Domestic Abuse Bill, said to be the most comprehensive package ever created to tackle the issues around domestic abuse. The Bill was published on 21 January, following the consultation conducted between March and May 2018.