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Capitalisation of Child Maintenance

Capitalisation of Child Maintenance image of maintenance agreement

  Capitalisation of child maintenance payments does not happen very often; in fact it was described as ‘a rare bird’ in a recent case. The jurisdiction to make an order that capitalises and replaces future payments of periodical payments in favour of a child, called “commutation lump sum,” was recently confirmed by Mostyn J under […]

Can a child have a vaccination against a parent’s wishes?

A recent appeal heard at the High Court of Justice Family Division considered the procedure when a routine childhood vaccination is opposed by one or both parents, and found that, at least in these circumstances – yes, a child could be vaccinated against the parents’ wishes. The case involved a child, H, who was under […]

The relocation of a  child – when a parent moves abroad

The relocation of a  child – when a parent moves abroad child relocating with suitcase

  When parents separate, it’s not uncommon for one of them to want to move away from the area where they resided with the other. In some cases, this may involve moving the child(ren) of the family to another country, which can naturally lead to issues. In a recent case, which involves a mother who […]

Contact during the coronavirus pandemic

Contact during the coronavirus pandemic coronavirus child looking out of window

We are certainly going through difficult times at the moment, and I hope that you are well, and that the current coronavirus situation isn’t causing you too much stress. As a family lawyer, I have been asked about how the current rules about social distancing during the coronavirus pandemic might affect any current arrangements that […]