Domestic Violence Funding Announced

image of domestic violence

image of domestic violence

Housing Secretary Robert Jenrick MP, has promised more support for victims of domestic violence, announcing 75 projects across England and £16.6million being made available to help survivors.

In October 2019, it was also announced that in 2021 councils across England will have a legal duty to provide essential, life-saving support in safe accommodation to survivors of domestic abuse.

The new funding is part of a government drive to boost protection for domestic abuse victims. It sits alongside the expected reintroduction of the Domestic Abuse Bill and Government plans to ensure that all councils have the means to be able to properly support survivors. The funding will help to give a vital improvement to existing provision of support in safe housing for survivors and their children.

It’s anticipated that up to 43,000 survivors are likely to benefit from the funding, which is to be shared across 75 projects in England.  Survivors will be allowed to stay in safe accommodation, which will allow them much-needed time to recover from the trauma of domestic violence, save money and eventually access safe permanent rehousing, allowing them to move towards a safer future.

Housing Secretary, Robert Jenrick MP, said that domestic violence destroys lives and leaves victims living in fear in their own homes, “the place where they should feel most safe and secure.” He added,

“No victim of domestic abuse should have to struggle to get the right support or wait months for help that they need. This new funding of £16.6 million will help local areas better protect victims and their children and provide essential life-saving services, delivering the urgent support that they need to rebuild their lives.”

Every year, over two million people and their families suffer from the effects of domestic abuse, which can shatter lives and and leave long-lasting effects on victims and any children of the family.

Many councils currently provide support, but it can be something of a postcode lottery to access it. This new funding, along with the legal duty to provide support, is designed to give people the same vital support regardless of where they live.

Domestic violence and abuse is now taking a higher position on the government’s list of priorities, with the Domestic Abuse Bill set to be reintroduced, too.  The Bill will be the first to give a statutory definition of domestic abuse that will include economic, controlling and manipulative non-physical abuse.  The Domestic Abuse Bill will also prohibit the cross-examination of victims by their abusers in family courts.

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