Family Lawyer vs. Divorce Lawyer

Family Lawyer vs. Divorce Lawyer

Family lawyers and divorce lawyers can be a huge support for individuals and families during some of the most challenging moments in their lives. While there are some areas of overlap between these two types of lawyers, you’ll find that divorce and family lawyer services are typically quite different. A family lawyer in Ipswich is here to help you through difficult situations and ensure you are supported no matter what you are going through. Contact us today for more information about our services or keep reading to learn about the differences between a family lawyer and a divorce lawyer.

Is a Family and Divorce Lawyer the Same Thing?

These two terms can often be used to describe the same type of lawyers, but you’ll find that most lawyers choose to specialise in one area. Typically, divorce lawyers mainly focus on divorce cases, whereas family lawyers may offer a more general service that may also encompass divorce. Many people think that the term family lawyer is just another word for a divorce lawyer, but there are a lot more things to consider about their services. Divorce law is part of family law, with a divorce lawyer choosing to mainly offer services supporting this time in a couple’s life. However, family lawyers usually always support divorcing couples as well, with many other services on the side.

What is Family Law?

The area of family law covers many different difficult times in a couple or family’s life. This could include divorce, child support or custody, support for a spouse, paternity, guardianship, adoption, and orders of protection. When someone calls themselves a family lawyer, they might also help families with real estate, criminal law, and personal injury suits, focusing on looking after families in the local area they serve. The term family is sometimes used to suggest that someone works to represent families, and they can be a huge help when moving house or dealing with other personal matters.

We always recommend that you ask a family lawyer what services they offer, as these can vary between lawyers. One family lawyer in Ipswich will likely have different areas of expertise than another, so do your research to ensure you find one that will support you. It’s very important to be aware of the differences between Ipswich family solicitors so that if you are going through a divorce but need additional support with your children, you find someone comfortable helping you with this.

How to Choose a Family Lawyer or Divorce Lawyer

When researching and looking for a family solicitor in Ipswich, make sure you ask the right questions to ensure they are a good fit for you. You no doubt know the types of services you are after, so make sure you enquire about whether they are willing to help you with these. Usually, you’ll find a company’s website that suggests exactly what they can offer. You don’t want to start working with someone only to find out they don’t have experience in the area you need assistance. This may lead to you switching lawyers halfway through proceedings, which can lead to more issues in the long run.

It’s so important to be able to effectively communicate with any type of lawyer. You are going to be sharing a lot about your personal life with them, so make sure you feel comfortable with them from your initial interaction. You’ll be able to judge from your first enquiry how busy and willing they are to take on your case. If they seem disinterested in learning about you, this is a good sign to avoid this lawyer and look elsewhere. Family law and divorce lawyers should be here to answer your questions and be open to difficult discussions, as you may need them to support you in court further down the line. Take your time to read reviews about the company you are looking to work with, which will be available online. If they aren’t that favourable about their work, it’s a good indication to look elsewhere.

Family lawyers and divorce lawyers are here to support you during some of the most challenging moments in your life. You should feel supported by them at all times, as you will need to have full confidence in them and that they are doing the right thing for your family and personal needs. If you are looking for a family lawyer in Ipswich, get in touch with our team today. We’ll be happy to learn more about your needs and work with you to discover if we will be able to help you over the upcoming months. The sooner you get in touch with us, the easier it will be to start the proceedings and help you to overcome any challenges you are facing in your personal life at the current time.