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Musician’s future income declared exempt from Financial Remedy Agreement

bass guitar player income exempt

Band royalties and future income of artists are not considered as part of a financial remedy order, according to a recent judgement.

A recent case heard considered the case of a bass player in a well-known band, whose income from five separate royalty schemes had to be was assessed by experts.

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Sharing financial assets after separation and divorce

There are a number of big decisions that need to be made when you are separating from a partner or spouse; if you are married, you will need to work out what your financial assets after separation are, and make sure that they are equally and fairly divided.

How to calculate the ‘financial asset pot’ 

Some assets that will need to be taken into account when calculating the financial asset pot,

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Dobson – vs – Griffey and why you need a cohabitation agreement

A recent court judgement has underlined just how important it is for unmarried couples who live together to put a cohabitation agreement in place covering their finances. What you think is ‘fair’ when it comes to property you own as a couple may not be supported by the law.

The case of Jacqueline Dobson and Matthew Griffey concerns a couple who lived together and were never married.

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